Universal Wishing Well

“What do you desire?”

Full circle of asking for knowledge and bettering this existence sends trials like sickness. Being put to the test has given the vision, knowledge and energy plus guidance which was always there. Be open to listening and feeling. Come as we are and all is given. Soul space in dreams manifested into the mind to reality, with omen clarifications aknowledged through the bodys senses. The universal wishing well is ours when ready.

“Tap into the limitless energy.”

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Kiss Goodbye

“What will happen if you let go?”

Consciously breathing into a situation yin or yang will bring us to a beautiful realization worth the release. Intimately understand our situation and the life we’ve chosen. Take a deep breathe, fall deep into the moment and feel entirely. Once we’ve accepted the moment, we can fully move onto the next. Taking in the thing we’ve asked for allow us to see our capabilities then we can advance to the next step in our journey with the knowledge and courage to manifest optimally.

“Are you ready for the next step?

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