Its more than “I”

“Are you apart of the spectrum?”

There is one of you yet many version of a whole. Selflessness is essential to collaboration. Grace comes faster with communication between all entities. Co-exist with your fellow hue-man to create a array of colors bigger than the primary. Respect the role of one another for growth and change.

“In a sea of many.”

For more elaboration contact for a collaboration. Gratitude for the contribution to the moment.



Universal Wishing Well

“What do you desire?”

Full circle of asking for knowledge and bettering this existence sends trials like sickness. Being put to the test has given the vision, knowledge and energy plus guidance which was always there. Be open to listening and feeling. Come as we are and all is given. Soul space in dreams manifested into the mind to reality, with omen clarifications aknowledged through the bodys senses. The universal wishing well is ours when ready.

“Tap into the limitless energy.”

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