“Whats your policy?”

Doorways are mental, pysical and spiritual. The can be open or closed depending on the situation and energy. Doorways to the mind can allow mental stability or chaos. Doorways to the spirit can allow yin or yang. Doorways to the physical can allow dis-ease or wellness. Feel out the situation before allowance.

“Check the peep hole.”

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“Which way will you go?”

This world consist of a variety of multidimensional portals to the present depending on the flow of the mind, body and spirit. There are circles, lines, and limitless shape-less directions to proceed. A open and calculated prospective on life will elevate the senses to their highest awareness. Constant movement and change mixed with stillness sparks drives to find the next step. Prioritize.

“Choice is the main factor.”

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Universal Wishing Well

“What do you desire?”

Full circle of asking for knowledge and bettering this existence sends trials like sickness. Being put to the test has given the vision, knowledge and energy plus guidance which was always there. Be open to listening and feeling. Come as we are and all is given. Soul space in dreams manifested into the mind to reality, with omen clarifications aknowledged through the bodys senses. The universal wishing well is ours when ready.

“Tap into the limitless energy.”

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“What’s your construct?”

Time, space, reality. This concepts are defined by perception and perspective. Bring the ideas, art, life experiences through creation. Plug into the present and focus on the concepts that you cherish the most. Backwards is the past, forwards is the future.

“Create your now.”

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Tune In

“What’s on?”

Step to the side, a reflection is there. Step to the front or the back and a reflection is there. Up. Down. All around.

We are everything, everywhere. Look with the mind, spirit and senses. Speak freely yet be aware of the conversation. Thoughts are projected to the present screen of life. The speed happens at your push of the button. Tune in.


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Behind the Scenes of JBM

“What’s happening?”

Celebrating two years of growth, starting as a Life coach then Reiki Practitioner and now Massage therapist. It’s a pleasure to show the readers and listeners a behind the scene look of JBM.

This is the podcast/blog station. Stay tuned for more messages coming through the internet/air waves on Wednesday’s at justbreathe.

The Massage chair station. Bookings for privates or events through email.

The Massage/Reiki table station. Bookings also through email.

Continuing to hold space for clients while they are on their journey to health and wellness.

“When’s your next appointment?”

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Namaste 🕉


Dream in reality

“What’s your dream?”

Every moment of this reality dream-like state transmuted into a positive action involves turning drama into humor. Experiences are chosen to be what you make them. Have positive moments by knowingly processing the stage in your way. Know what you desire then create, but you can only know what you want/like by testing. Consciousness is a circle of encounters.

“Live, love, laugh”

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