Keeping the Flow

“What’s your flow?”

Keep up the faith and drive by seeing the bigger picture. There is more than you. Once goal and love is found keep it flowing. The journey is finding and moving forward into the moment. Make it last.

“Keep working at what you’ve worked for.”

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Universal Wishing Well

“What do you desire?”

Full circle of asking for knowledge and bettering this existence sends trials like sickness. Being put to the test has given the vision, knowledge and energy plus guidance which was always there. Be open to listening and feeling. Come as we are and all is given. Soul space in dreams manifested into the mind to reality, with omen clarifications aknowledged through the bodys senses. The universal wishing well is ours when ready.

“Tap into the limitless energy.”

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“What’s your construct?”

Time, space, reality. This concepts are defined by perception and perspective. Bring the ideas, art, life experiences through creation. Plug into the present and focus on the concepts that you cherish the most. Backwards is the past, forwards is the future.

“Create your now.”

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Power of Focus

“What’s your focus?”

Meditation and Yoga arts keeping the balance. Both involve and evolve focus. During both mantras are spoken, one being “Om”, pronounced “A-u-m”. The beginning, middle and end. Focus brings attention, attention brings all.

“Turn down volume, turn up attention.”

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