Five Love Languages

“What is a love language?”

Love can be demonstrated in many ways. Gary Chapman (author of 5 Love Languages) classifies the main five as:

  1. Physical Touch
  2. Acts of service
  3. Words of affirmation
  4. Quality time
  5. Receiving gifts

Not necessarily in this order. The layout depends on the individuals’ highest feelings toward the questions asked. Chapman’s approach to show love by five simple practices brings light to how we express our love. Also, individuals can learn to love themselves suitably. Furthermore, couples find love through similar expressions of love.

Take the assessment at 5 Love Languages Quiz. Enjoy learning how you love best.

“What’s your Love Language?”

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“Commitment is Irresistible”


Blessings Spirits,

“What are you driven to do?”

Commitment is power. its the only thing keeping this life cycle going. without commitment we have no meaning, no purpose, no drive. We are all here to observe, experience and learn which brings growth. This world can live a life filled with cycles or it can level up. Find something we like/love and stick to it. We can change our mind but find something to always stay committed to. Make the life worth something. We are all alive but are you living?

“Commitment is irresistible”

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My Favorite Source

Blessings Spirits,

There are many we look up to for guidance and reassurance. One in particular for me has been Joanne Walmsley was the first website I found when I started seeing numerology. Her information is very informative and once we read lines and relate the information to us it gives the numbers purpose. We are all made of ones and zeros. This site brings us closer to our higher selves.Take a visit for yourself. Sending peace, love and light.

“Each one, teach one”

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Blessings Spirits,

Gratitude makes manifestation flow. Part of my daily practice is to go through my list of things I’m thankful for. It’s the purpose and reasons that I keep going. Gratitude for things also keeps them coming. Whatever you desire ask the Universe for it and be thankful before it arrives, while it’s there and even after it’s gone so it can come back around. Also if your not sure what your thankful for, ask self.

“What am I thankful for? Or what do I want more of?”

Sending peace, love and light.

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Neighborhood of Health

Blessings Spirits,

The way we thrive is to help one another grow and love. There are so many beautiful peacemakers and healers in the world making a difference. Just Breathe by Meraki wants to spread the love the sphere by shouting out a few. Go follow @Spiritualtwin11






They all have so many great things to offer from products to wisdom. They all helped or have helped me stay on journey. Sending peace, love and light.

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Nourishment Discount

Blessings spirits,

Hope and love move us, grow us and keep us happy. Hope can also fuel us. Give us more nourishment and energy then most foods. It can get us through the best and worst of times. In cumulation of hope we are extending all new clients a 10% discount off one of our services in the hopes that we can change together for the better. This offer extends till March 23rd only to be applied to one service per offer period. Sending peace, love and light.

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Just Breathe by Meraki

Blessings Spirits,
Join the club. Just Breathe by Meraki is the place for optimal health and wellness. Services offered are Life coaching, Reiki healing, and Massage therapy. Mind, body and spirit combined equal balance. When we wake up daily feeling healthy and happy, it helps us make better decisions in life. Better decisions lead us to the lives we want. JBM helps facilitate growth and freedom. We are limitless. Once we realize this, the next step is up. Touch a four leaf clover, tap into the heart chakra and come our way.
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