The power of the sun

“How do we use the sun as a source of energy?”

The sun gives off a power called “Nuclear Fusion”. It is the hearty of the sun’s power. Nearly everything on earth is indirectly powered by this power reaction.

The sun raidiate light, heat or solar energy, which makes it possible for life to exist on earth. Plants need sunlight to grow. Animals, including humans need plants for food and oxygen they produce. Without heat from the sun, the earth will freeze.

We use a lot of the sun’s energy for cultivating land, producing crops, and raising livestock. The sun is also used for solar architecture which stores heat. Buildings have windows and skylights for air circulation. Other aspects include using selective shading and choosing building materials with thermal mass. And example is a greenhouse. Greenhouses create a environment for growing that otherwise isn’t available in that location. You can also use solar energy to cook, and heat water in solar cookers. Solar cells can also convert sunlight directly into electricity. They don’t produce much so they have to be grouped together in large numbers. Solar cells are used for everything from calculators and watches to homes, commercial buildings, and even stadiums. The sun offers clean, free energy in abundance. It gives us more energy than we could ever need. Time to use it.

“The power is in our hands”

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101 Ways to save the earth

“Who have you saved lately?”

This list is distilled from three sources: “The Greenhouse Crisis: 101 Ways to Save the Earth,” published by the Greenhouse Crisis Foundation, 1130 17th St. NW, Suite 630, Washington, DC 20036; “Personal Action Guide for the Earth,” published by the Transmissions Project for the UN Environment Programme, 730 Arizona Ave. #329, Santa Monica, CA 90401; and Context Institute research.

1. Insulate your home.

2. Buy energy-efficient appliances.

3. Caulk and weatherstrip doors and windows.

4. Install storm windows.

5. Close off unused areas in your home from heat and air conditioning.

6. Wear warm clothing and turn down winter heat.

7. Switch to low-wattage or fluorescent light bulbs.

8. Turn off all lights that don’t need to be on.

9. Use cold water instead of hot whenever possible.

10. Opt for small-oven or stove-top cooking when preparing small meals.

11. Run dishwashers only when full.

12. Set refrigerators to 38°F, freezers to 5°F, no colder.

13. Run clothes washers full, but don’t overload them.

14. Use moderate amounts of biodegradable detergent.

15. Air-dry your laundry when possible.

16. Clean the lint screen in clothes dryers.

17. Instead of ironing, hang clothes in the bathroom while showering.

18. Take quick showers instead of baths.

19. Install water-efficient showerheads and sink-faucet aerators.

20. Install an air-assisted or composting toilet.

21. Collect rainwater and graywater for gardening use.

22. Insulate your water heater. Turn it down to 121°F.

23. Plant deciduous shade trees that protect windows from summer sun but allow it in during the winter.

24. Explore getting a solar water heater for your home.

25. Learn how to recycle all your household goods, from clothing to motor oil to appliances.

26. Start separating out your newspaper, other paper, glass, aluminum, and food wastes.

27. Encourage your local recycling center or program to start accepting plastic.

28. Urge local officials to begin roadside pickup of recyclables and hazardous wastes.

29. Encourage friends, neighbors, businesses, local organizations to recycle and sponsor recycling efforts.

30. Use recycled products, especially paper.

31. Re-use envelopes, jars, paper bags, scrap paper, etc.

32. Bring your own canvas bags to the grocery store.

33. Encourage local governments to buy recycled paper.

34. Start a recycling program where you work.

35. Limit or eliminate your use of “disposable” items.

36. Urge fast-food chains to use recyclable packaging.

37. Avoid using anything made of plastic foam. It is often made from CFCs, and it never biodegrades.

38. If your car gets less than 35 mpg, sell it, buy a small fuel-efficient model, and spend whatever money you save on home energy efficiency.

39. Maintain and tune up your vehicle regularly for maximum gas mileage.

40. Join a car pool or use public transport to commute.

41. Write to automobile manufacturers to let them know that you intend to buy the most fuel efficient car on the road.

42. Reduce your use of air conditioning.

43. Encourage auto centers to install CFC recycling equipment for auto air conditioners. Freon is released during servicing to become both a greenhouse gas and an ozone layer destroyer.

44. Remove unnecessary articles from your car. Each 100 lbs. of weight decreases fuel efficiency by 1%.

45. Don’t speed; accelerate and slow down gradually.

46. Walk or use a bicycle whenever possible.

47. Urge local governments to enact restrictions on automobile use in congested areas downtown.

48. Enjoy sports and recreational activities that use your muscles rather than gasoline and electricity.

49. Buy products that will last.

50. Rent or borrow items that you don’t use often.

51. Maintain and repair the items you own.

52. Use colored fabrics to avoid the need for bleach.

53. Use natural fiber clothing, bedding and towels.

54. Don’t buy aerosols, halon fire extinguishers, or other products containing CFCs.

55. Write to computer chip manufacturers and urge them to stop using CFC-113 as a solvent.

56. Invest your money in environmentally and socially conscious businesses.

57. Avoid rainforest products, and inform the supplier or manufacturer of your concerns.

58. Use postcards instead of letters for short messages.

59. Eat vegetarian foods as much as possible. Meat makes less efficient use of land, soil, water, and energy – and cows emit 300 liters of methane per day.

60. Buy locally produced foods; avoid buying foods that must be trucked in from great distances.

61. Read labels. Eat organic or less-processed foods.

62. Start a garden; plant a garden instead of a lawn

63. Water the garden with an underground drip system.

64. Support organic farming and gardening methods; shun chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

65. Compost kitchen and garden waste, or give it to a friend who can.

66. Inform schools, hospitals, airlines, restaurants, and the media of your food concerns.

67. Stay informed about the state of the Earth.

68. Talk to friends, relatives, and co-workers about preventing global climate change.

69. Read and support publications that educate about long-term sustainability (like this one).

70. Start a global climate change study group.

71. Educate children about sustainable living practices.

72. Xerox this list and send it to ten friends.

73. Go on a citizen diplomacy trip and talk with those you meet about averting global climate change.

74. Get involved in local tree-planting programs.

75. Join an environmental organization. If they’re not involved with climate change, get them involved.

76. Support zero population growth.

77. Support work to alleviate poverty. Poverty causes deforestation and other environmental problems.

78. Donate money to environmental organizations.

79. Support programs that aim to save rainforest areas.

80. Support solar and renewable energy development.

81. Work to protect local watershed areas.

82. Pave as little as possible. Rip up excess concrete.

83. Encourage sewage plants to compost their sludge.

84. Write your senator now in support of S. 201, the World Environment Policy Act.

85. Write your congressperson now in support of H.R. 1078, the Global Warming Prevention Act.

86. Support disarmament and the redirection of military funds to environmental restoration.

87. Write letters to the editor expressing your concern about climate change and environmental issues.

88. Support electoral candidates who run on environmental platforms.

89. Run for local office on an environmental platform.

90. Attend city council meetings and speak out for action on climate change issues.

91. Organize a citizens’ initiative to put a local “climate protection program” into place.

92. Learn how to lobby. Lobby your local, state, and national elected officials for action on climate change and environmental issues.

93. Organize a demonstration at a plant that uses CFCs.

94. In place of TV and the stereo, spend time reading, writing, drawing, telling stories, making music.

95. Live within the local climate as much as possible, rather than trying to isolate yourself from it.

96. Strive to establish good communications with friends, neighbors and family including learning conflict resolution skills.

97. Spend time seeing, hearing, and rejoicing in the beauty of the Earth. Feel your love for the Earth. Make serving the Earth your first priority.

98. Learn about the simpler, less resource-intensive lifestyles of aboriginal peoples.

99. Think often about the kind of Earth you would like to see for your grandchildren’s grandchildren.

100. While doing small things, think big. Think about redesigning cities, restructuring the economy, reconceiving humanity’s role on the Earth.

101. Pray, visualize, hope, meditate, dream.

“It takes a village”

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Motivation Monday: 10 ways to heal the earth

“What have you done today to heal the world?”

The world is one, if we help he ourselves we can heal others. Healing the earth is important because we all live here. We can’t go anywhere else. It’s what we are made of. We are organic beings living on a organic star. It’s one of our missions to take care of self and others. Let’s a join in.

10 ways to heal the world:

  1. Withhold judgement
    • Judgement means that the other person is wrong. We all have a choice to make. We do things for many reasons that we feel are the best for ourselves and others. Be like a video camera and observe. Let things and people be.
  2. Practice compassion
    • Experience everything with a open heart. See that everyone has a part that may have made them this way. Love the person they were before they accumulated baggage. The heart is open to all people.
  3. Be present
    • Be in the moment, enjoy every moment, you are here. Enjoy it.
  4. Make eye contact
    • The eyes are the windows to the soul. See people for who they truly are. Look them in the eye and meet their gaze with a loving one. Soften your eyes. Let the mask down and allow others to let theirs down as well.
  5. Practice random acts of kindness
    • Give the thing you want to receive. Do things for others that will make them smile. Create great karma. Watch how it will also make you feel really good.
  6. Offer hope
    • When someone comes to you with negative news lift them up. Give someone kind words. Everyone complains so much. Do the opposite and send praise, hope and positive energy to all the people you meet.
  7. Gift others with healing touch
    • In Western society, the distance between people is 3 ft. That’s a long way to receive or give touch. We need physical connection with others. It’s what scientifically determines if we live or die. There is a study that determined at birth, children who were hugged by their parents lived better, more efficient lives. Those that didn’t get that touch, had a shorter life span and less developed social skills. When was the last time you gave or received a hug?
  8. Entrain others
    • Regardless of the chaos around us. We are meant to be still. Take the time to find inner peace and when you find it, give it to others. Have others join you. Invite people to join in your meditating or yoga sessions. Quite your voice, slow down and allow others to see. Let them mimic and heal.
  9. Listen generously
    • Once you stop judging, stop trying to comment, we can listen. Actively listening allows others to truly trust you, be comfortable, feel important and acknowledged. 
  10. Awaken your consciousness
    • Once ego is let go you are awakened to soul. Love, kindness, giving and appreciation are important to give to yourself and others. When your vibration is raised so is the planer’s vibration. Be committed to your spiritual growth and listen to your inner voice. It will change your life and the people around you.

“Heal the world, it’s the only one we have”

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Talk-About-It Thursday: What the bleep do we know? (Movie)

Today’s Message: “You don’t know what you don’t know”

StoryTime: I was introduced to this movie by divine intervention. I was listening to Kevin Trudeau’s audio “your wish is your command” and he mentioned that this is a great movie to see. That it would open your eyes to the possibilities. I always listen to people who I trust and since I’ve started listening to Kevin, my life has changed incredibly for the better. So I watch this movie and it blows my mind.

The movie is about a photographer who has a life changing experience and along the way finds out that she is capable of more things than she knows. We are all controlled by our thoughts, that mixed with physics and the way that we process our current realities determines our daily outcomes. We all have a choice of how things will go. Once you set a plan, believe and stick to it, the universe will line things up for you. It’s a must see, with a great storyline and expert opinions. Science and nature are finally starting to co-exist. I’m looking forward to seeing what else we figure out as the years go by.


Brandi Wright

Tap In

Today’s message: “We are all one. This is common knowledge, even scientific fact. There is no greater person than another. We are all able to see. Some people just decide to close their eye to it. It’s available to everyone”

Story Time: This weekend I received some much-needed sleep. It was beautiful to wake up the clouds, trees and wind hitting my face. My body was here but my spirit went else where. When I woke I wasn’t aware of my body. It still felt heavy. Dead weight. I thought of so many things while I slept. How we are all together. How animals communicate around us. How the earth slowly moves and if you sit still enough you can feel it. I heard the earth’s messages, it’s so noisy. Listening to the earth sounds made me realize we are all animals. I felt like an animal waking up from her 28 year hibernation. Very well rested and ready to work. Ready to explore this new planet. Taking on my little missions but still living a life. I am more in control of it now. I see all things clearly and I am open to all its wonders. I also hear my own voice, so loud and clear. I see what I need and what I want. No distractions, only communication flow. No matter where I go, I can tap in.

I asked myself what inspires me? Peace, joy, the ease, helping others, helping animals, help protecting natural resources, protecting the earth for future generations to enjoy. Lasting green, taking care of your body, mind and enhancing the spirit and the universe. I opened up space to be. Just as I wrote this a white feather appeared. It flew into my car. It is said that when a white feather comes to you in an unlikely place, such as your home or car, it’s a sign that angels are near. You are on the right path. It symbolizes faith and protection. I sent out my thanks and dreamt of a eco-friendly world, plants everywhere, and also technology that helps. No sleep. *EYE*

As I wrote another passage throughout the day a bee came to window. He hovered there for a moment then went on his way. It means a guest will arrive. I’m excited to see who it is. Bees also mean work and play mix well. They mean abundance, persistence, industry, communication, teamwork and fruitfulness. You can call on the Bee when you need energy in your life. The bee is my spirit animal. It isn’t meant to fly evolutionary but it does because it decided too. I’m flying because I want too. Watch me sore. As I said I realized that everyone are like ants, just going and moving in the best way they can. Doing the things that drive them. Some being driven mind fully and other automatically.

I proceed to take a walk the next day. I was in search of a free bike and ended up finding a beautiful park instead. It was filled with water and green grass. When I sat by the water I experienced a peace that I hadn’t felt before. It was better than the day before. I could feel the air on my face and feel the grass between by toes. Feeling the water, touching the trees. To capture some beautiful photo moments. Also to see a cardinal. When you see a cardinal it means that there will be renewed romance with your spouse, also to be monogamous. It also means that you will receive pure wisdom and virtue. They are a good sign of luck. Some kind of luck will occur within the next 12 hours, days or at noon/night. I also saw a firefly. That was new experience to me. I have never seen one of those before. I was walking back up the trail then I saw a light. I thought it was something shiny in the grass but it was moving. I thought maybe it was an angel. I was very shocked so I continued to watch it. After so long, it came closer to me and I realized it was a firefly. It was such a magical moment. It wasn’t a continuous glow like I expected. It was a spirit of light. Fireflies represent illumination. Things not being as they seem. Finding beauty and appreciation for the little things. Taking what you need and not over indulging. I was just thinking about that earlier because I thought the simple life is so much better. About having a eco-friendly life and using the things that you need. We use so much of the worlds resources.

The planet is one big communication circle. We are all at a round table conversing with one another. Some people choice to stay and listen or go. For the ones who choice to stay, the feeling of envelopment is better than any feeling you can ever have. So much fulfillment. Even when you plug into society you still feel the world around you. Amazing. No guilt. Pure joy. Ask yourself what inspires you? Open up space to be that. Find people who are that. Find people who are on the same vibration and path as you. Calling all Cars! Calling all Souls! Calling all Stars! Lets unite, unite in the verse. Be excited to do something fulfilling. Jump into it. Donate to others, be simple. Go to functions that help others. Be around people who share your dreams, thoughts, realities. Be yourself. Easy going. Complete package. Calm, observant, collected, open.




Be happy to hear and you will see more. It’s so amazing to hear the call of the wild. So many synchronicity can happen if you listen. We are all animals, just smarter than the average animal. So smart that we are too smart. We miss out on the signs being lost in worldly things. The earth is speaking to us but we all too distracted. When we take a step back we can hear the planet and heal her. Its calling us. We can open our ears and eyes to hear and see what is going on around us. We are all the universe in different skin living a life. When you look around you realize that the people around you on a daily are living the same life as you. They are you, just a different version. We are all on a indigenous journey through the jungle. It’s just a different jungle; a concert jungle. The angels/spirits/universe will always take care of you. Just listen and believe. Redeflin

Brandi Wright-Townsend


Today’s message: “Connections are key to life”

“Love people, not things”

Story Time: As I was sitting in the book store I saw a group of people talking and connecting. They were a poetry group that meets up every Thursday. They are a group of older woman and men. I over heard that they have met up every Thursday for 25 years. Amazing. Such a dedication to together-ness. Seeing these people in the book store got me thinking how I want to attract that connection. A connection between people that lasts my whole lifetime. People who I can share my passion with and also share my reality with. Current events and things of meaning. Things that are important to me and ourselves as a whole. How I’d like to connect with people of like-minds and create a mastermind. They had a tribe, a meet up, hangout. They go to functions, go to dinner, integrate within each others lives but still have their own individual life. I love it. It was so enjoyable to watch. It’s so beautiful to see a connection so strong and for so long. I envisioned myself old, talking and conversing with my fellow versions. Sparked by past and current passions.

Then the thought of the bees showing up popped into my mind. I am manifesting this person or persons. I envisioned them to be older, wiser, no face though. I thought about how excited I was to meet this person or persons. Then as I thought this, one of the ladies walked up to me and we start talking. She was the most interesting lady. Corky, vibrant and spirited. She was so open and willing to tell me all that was on her mind. I loved it. She made it possible for me to open and vocal myself. She read my palm and told me that I have a long beautiful life ahead of me. Our conversation left me thinking about how beautiful people are. Speaking to her made me realize how nice it its to see connections, love, mindfulness, raw data without judgements or bias. No additives, just information… like the internet. Just facts, knowledge, universe…




A smile is a universal language. It opens doors that were not there in the first place…more like a welcome mat. Saying…”hey, I’m home and open to give out candy.” Once we decide to open, we meet the most amazing people. Humanity needs that back. More welcome mats. With more connection we would all be able to work better. More effectively, more connection means more understanding. More love and openness to situations because disconnection is just the fear of the unknown. Be courageous and turn your light on. Put that welcome mat out. Don’t just live through your social networks, branch out. Technology has done something to the planet. Made us lack communication skills, kept people trapped and controlled by the media. Go out, make your own connections. Create real life, don’t just watch it.

Brandi Wright-Townsend

Waking Life: The Movie

Today’s message: “Find light in all things.”

Story Time: There was a time when I felt that my life was a dream and all I needed to do was wake up. What if I woke up and all things were different? Maybe this life looked like it does now or maybe it is in a cartoon form or a pastel form? I have had dreams that I thought I was awake but realized later that I was dreaming. I use to want to run to this dream-like reality especially when things were too hard to handle in this world. Then one day I realized that we have control over this reality just as much as we do our dream reality. We create the lives we want to live. We have a choice in all things we do. We can wake up and choice to have a good day or a bad day. From that day on, I choose to get up everyday feeling like “today is going to be a good day.”

There are many times that we all think that our reality is tested. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves just to make sure that we aren’t dreaming. “Waking Life” is a movie that tests your reality. It makes you think about “What if this world isn’t as it seems?” “What if  this world is not real?” It blew my mind at first. It has a lot of quotes that send your mind into a vortex of “what if?” questions. It pushes you to the limit of your sanity then takes you back down to earth but still leaves you wondering. It was the “Inception” before there was a “Inception”. It take you down to the basement level of your mind. Its asks you “What is life?” Its a movie that takes you on a psychedelic trip without the drugs. I sat in aw as the main character goes through multiple scenes wondering if he is sleep or not and encountering multiple individuals who teach him something new. Further taking you and him down the rabbit hole of life. Not to mention, the various, vibrant visual you experience throughout his journey. This movie is definitely for someone who wants to open their mind. Once you go down, its hard to get back up without a mental change. This stimulates all of your senses (Especially the 6th sense). I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to expand. I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the movie…pEpNpcF

Tap in. Enjoy.

Brandi Wright-Townsend