Fasting: Fortitude

“How are fast journeys?”

During my fast there was nothing, just anxiety rapped in oral fixation. Food was missed imaginatively, taste laid dormant. Brushing my teeth removed all desire for attachment. Worldly clarity came by day 3. Mental stimulation was a high priority and quick to come when needed. Daily routines included exercises and tea to keep weight up. All else is up to the mind and breathe.

“Cleanse the palette and renew”

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Sun Gazing: Harness the power of the sun

“Can you get energy from the sun to fuel your body?”

Sun gazing is the act of looking directly at the sun. It is sometimes done as a religious or spiritual practice. It invloves staring at the sunrise or sunset; these two times are rhe best because the uv rays are the least. The human eye is very sensitive, and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can lead to retinopathy. The practice of sun gazing has some truly amazing benefits, not only for your physical health, but also for your mental wellbeing and spiritual development.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Relief of stress and tension
  • Increased energy
  • Boosts production of the feel good hormones serotonin and melatonin
  • Improved eyesight
  • Reduces hunger pains –body is completely nourished by the sun (Some people claim to have been able to take part in this practice and not eat anything during the entire process which is usually about 9 or 10 months)
  • Stimulation of the pineal gland
  • Increased size of pineal gland
  • Releasing of internal blockages
  • Increased human potential

Hira Ratan Manek is the man who brought sun gazing to western society. He founded the Solar Healing Centers. He lives off the energy that the sun produces and water, and thats it. While under supervision, he did 3 long fasts and claims that sun gazing brings you better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It heals the mind, body and spirit. A scientist named Vinny Pinto conducted a survey on 56 participants and documented their experience. He called it the “First sungazing list group sungazers survey.” His findings were:

  • Health improvements especially among women
  • People who practiced sun gazing for more than five years and who gazed mid-day (instead of the insisted hour after sunrise and hour before sunset) were more likely to report adverse effects
  • 35 out of the 51 participants reported to have “increased or greatly increased energy” while only 1 participant reported reduced energy
  • The number of people who reported a “decreased need for solid food” was approximately equal to the number of people who reported “no significant change in the need for food.” Only 1 person in the study reported an increased need for food.
  • People who had sun gazed for at least a year for at least 4 times per week were far more likely to report a decreased need for solid food.
  • The most common physical/mental/spiritual experiences reported from sun gazing were bliss, joy, peace and calmness.
  • No one from the study reported a decrease in physical health, everyone reported that his or her health was the same or had improved.

How to:

  • Begin by spending a maximum of 10 seconds on the first day by looking directly at the sun during the safe hours.
  • It is an important part of the practice that you stand barefoot on bare earth. Apparently this helps to keep you grounded and enhances the benefits of sun gazing.
  • As you are staring at the sun visualize the energy from the sun coming into your body and filling your body and cells with rejuvenating light.
  • On the second day aim for 20 seconds, each day after that continue adding 10 seconds to the previous day. So at 10 days you will be looking at the sun for 100 seconds, or 1 minute and 40 seconds.
  • Continue this daily until you have reached 44 minutes. This should take between 9-10 months depending on the weather. According to HRM this is all you need to gain the benefits described above from sun gazing.
  • After this you will need to walk for 45 minutes each day for the 6 days following the completion of the 9-10 months of sun gazing.
  • From here on out, just make a conscious effort to continue to walk barefoot on the earth, preferably in the sun whenever you feel like it or get the time.


Try it for yourself.

“Harness energy from the sun by being a vessel”

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Sending peace, love and light to all on your day.


See-Nic Sunday: How the world binds to your will

Today’s Message: “We are united, set your intentions for the day and see it happen”

StoryTime: About 4 weeks ago I made a choice. I quit my job, took what I could and headed to Los Angeles, CA. I had a mission in Texas that was done. I came back home to new life, a beautiful new nephew. My awesome family and a great city. I had never been in LA as an adult but I was eager to see how it changed. I had hoped in the car, drove to Texas right after graduation and had been there ever since. 10 years to the day, exactly… Now I am back, in a fresh new city with a brand new start. I feel like I had gained worldly wisdom and never left. Like the prodigal’s son who went out into the world and had arrived home, renewed and full of knowledge. I felt as if I went on a shamanistic journey through the wilderness and came back to tell the village all that I had learned and experienced. Coming home made me realize how important home, family, grounding, closeness and inter-connectivity was. It all starts at home, with your family. Once you are one with your family, everyone else seems easy. We are all brought to this earth with a people who are here to guide and direct you before you go out into the world. They are called your “Soul Tribe”. Once you have healed your past life, you can move on to another. I realized that I was not healed until I found peace within my family. They are me, I am them, we are one and we all have something to love about ourselves that our family gave us. No one is perfect. We all go through things to teach the next. As my mom says “Each one, Teach one”. I have found so much love for myself and my journey from this process of coming home. I see that this is just the first steps, there is so much more to learn. I’m eager to figure it out. After all that I’ve been through, I can handle anything.

The world is an amazing place, filled with many sites and things. It’s a place that can be wonderfully beautiful cruel place, It all depends on how you react to it. One day you wake up to a million dollars and the next day you can be dirt poor with no place to go. There is a lesson in every experience, person or thing; you just have to open your eyes to see it.

Brandi Wright

Soul-try Saturday: Relationships are Lessons

Today’s message: “Fill your cup with love and peace, if you want to give love and peace.”

“Your purpose on earth can be known and decided by you and you alone.”

Story Time: When I got older I moved around a lot. Not from State to State but through people (Technically I did move once from California to Houston, then to Austin, then back to California). I always blamed others. I saw that I did do somethings that created a distance but mainly it was me. I was running from my lessons. Which meant I was running from my blessings. I repeated relationship after relationship. Whether it be a friendship or a sexual relationship. I took the time to look back and see the lessons that I was being taught. It was the same lesson. Love. To find love for others, which allowed me to love myself.

We meet the person we are at the time. If we run, we are running from ourselves. If we reject another, we reject ourself. If we hate another, we hate ourselves. I had build these walls that made me build walls within myself. I had a lot of dis-ease within myself from grief, regret, blame, hurt and pain. Once I forgave, loved, appreciated, and accepted myself I could do it for others. Once I saw that we are all each other, just in a different vessel I was able to heal. We are all on a constant journey to live, love and grow. We may or may not know someone forever. It could be a moment or a lifetime. It depends on if you are meant to grow with this person or grow apart to learn another lesson with another. For whatever reason we are all set up to learn what we need to learn before we leave this earth. Just know that it is meant to be, everything happens for a reason. Find peace in knowing that you are not alone, and every person you meet is a blessing. Whether it be upfront or in disguise. See meeting and leaving another person as a meeting of yourself and a letting go that allows you to grow. You are constantly changing like the seasons. Just as the trees say good bye to their leaves and limbs that break from the weight, say good bye to the friends and lovers you lose for there are other leaves to be grown. There are other roots to be planted and other branches to be grown. Be thankful for all you’ve received and watch for better come. Whatever is given is replaced.

Brandi Wright

Talk-About-It Thursday: What the bleep do we know? (Movie)

Today’s Message: “You don’t know what you don’t know”

StoryTime: I was introduced to this movie by divine intervention. I was listening to Kevin Trudeau’s audio “your wish is your command” and he mentioned that this is a great movie to see. That it would open your eyes to the possibilities. I always listen to people who I trust and since I’ve started listening to Kevin, my life has changed incredibly for the better. So I watch this movie and it blows my mind.

The movie is about a photographer who has a life changing experience and along the way finds out that she is capable of more things than she knows. We are all controlled by our thoughts, that mixed with physics and the way that we process our current realities determines our daily outcomes. We all have a choice of how things will go. Once you set a plan, believe and stick to it, the universe will line things up for you. It’s a must see, with a great storyline and expert opinions. Science and nature are finally starting to co-exist. I’m looking forward to seeing what else we figure out as the years go by.


Brandi Wright

Tap In

Today’s message: “We are all one. This is common knowledge, even scientific fact. There is no greater person than another. We are all able to see. Some people just decide to close their eye to it. It’s available to everyone”

Story Time: This weekend I received some much-needed sleep. It was beautiful to wake up the clouds, trees and wind hitting my face. My body was here but my spirit went else where. When I woke I wasn’t aware of my body. It still felt heavy. Dead weight. I thought of so many things while I slept. How we are all together. How animals communicate around us. How the earth slowly moves and if you sit still enough you can feel it. I heard the earth’s messages, it’s so noisy. Listening to the earth sounds made me realize we are all animals. I felt like an animal waking up from her 28 year hibernation. Very well rested and ready to work. Ready to explore this new planet. Taking on my little missions but still living a life. I am more in control of it now. I see all things clearly and I am open to all its wonders. I also hear my own voice, so loud and clear. I see what I need and what I want. No distractions, only communication flow. No matter where I go, I can tap in.

I asked myself what inspires me? Peace, joy, the ease, helping others, helping animals, help protecting natural resources, protecting the earth for future generations to enjoy. Lasting green, taking care of your body, mind and enhancing the spirit and the universe. I opened up space to be. Just as I wrote this a white feather appeared. It flew into my car. It is said that when a white feather comes to you in an unlikely place, such as your home or car, it’s a sign that angels are near. You are on the right path. It symbolizes faith and protection. I sent out my thanks and dreamt of a eco-friendly world, plants everywhere, and also technology that helps. No sleep. *EYE*

As I wrote another passage throughout the day a bee came to window. He hovered there for a moment then went on his way. It means a guest will arrive. I’m excited to see who it is. Bees also mean work and play mix well. They mean abundance, persistence, industry, communication, teamwork and fruitfulness. You can call on the Bee when you need energy in your life. The bee is my spirit animal. It isn’t meant to fly evolutionary but it does because it decided too. I’m flying because I want too. Watch me sore. As I said I realized that everyone are like ants, just going and moving in the best way they can. Doing the things that drive them. Some being driven mind fully and other automatically.

I proceed to take a walk the next day. I was in search of a free bike and ended up finding a beautiful park instead. It was filled with water and green grass. When I sat by the water I experienced a peace that I hadn’t felt before. It was better than the day before. I could feel the air on my face and feel the grass between by toes. Feeling the water, touching the trees. To capture some beautiful photo moments. Also to see a cardinal. When you see a cardinal it means that there will be renewed romance with your spouse, also to be monogamous. It also means that you will receive pure wisdom and virtue. They are a good sign of luck. Some kind of luck will occur within the next 12 hours, days or at noon/night. I also saw a firefly. That was new experience to me. I have never seen one of those before. I was walking back up the trail then I saw a light. I thought it was something shiny in the grass but it was moving. I thought maybe it was an angel. I was very shocked so I continued to watch it. After so long, it came closer to me and I realized it was a firefly. It was such a magical moment. It wasn’t a continuous glow like I expected. It was a spirit of light. Fireflies represent illumination. Things not being as they seem. Finding beauty and appreciation for the little things. Taking what you need and not over indulging. I was just thinking about that earlier because I thought the simple life is so much better. About having a eco-friendly life and using the things that you need. We use so much of the worlds resources.

The planet is one big communication circle. We are all at a round table conversing with one another. Some people choice to stay and listen or go. For the ones who choice to stay, the feeling of envelopment is better than any feeling you can ever have. So much fulfillment. Even when you plug into society you still feel the world around you. Amazing. No guilt. Pure joy. Ask yourself what inspires you? Open up space to be that. Find people who are that. Find people who are on the same vibration and path as you. Calling all Cars! Calling all Souls! Calling all Stars! Lets unite, unite in the verse. Be excited to do something fulfilling. Jump into it. Donate to others, be simple. Go to functions that help others. Be around people who share your dreams, thoughts, realities. Be yourself. Easy going. Complete package. Calm, observant, collected, open.




Be happy to hear and you will see more. It’s so amazing to hear the call of the wild. So many synchronicity can happen if you listen. We are all animals, just smarter than the average animal. So smart that we are too smart. We miss out on the signs being lost in worldly things. The earth is speaking to us but we all too distracted. When we take a step back we can hear the planet and heal her. Its calling us. We can open our ears and eyes to hear and see what is going on around us. We are all the universe in different skin living a life. When you look around you realize that the people around you on a daily are living the same life as you. They are you, just a different version. We are all on a indigenous journey through the jungle. It’s just a different jungle; a concert jungle. The angels/spirits/universe will always take care of you. Just listen and believe. Redeflin

Brandi Wright-Townsend


Today’s message: “Connections are key to life”

“Love people, not things”

Story Time: As I was sitting in the book store I saw a group of people talking and connecting. They were a poetry group that meets up every Thursday. They are a group of older woman and men. I over heard that they have met up every Thursday for 25 years. Amazing. Such a dedication to together-ness. Seeing these people in the book store got me thinking how I want to attract that connection. A connection between people that lasts my whole lifetime. People who I can share my passion with and also share my reality with. Current events and things of meaning. Things that are important to me and ourselves as a whole. How I’d like to connect with people of like-minds and create a mastermind. They had a tribe, a meet up, hangout. They go to functions, go to dinner, integrate within each others lives but still have their own individual life. I love it. It was so enjoyable to watch. It’s so beautiful to see a connection so strong and for so long. I envisioned myself old, talking and conversing with my fellow versions. Sparked by past and current passions.

Then the thought of the bees showing up popped into my mind. I am manifesting this person or persons. I envisioned them to be older, wiser, no face though. I thought about how excited I was to meet this person or persons. Then as I thought this, one of the ladies walked up to me and we start talking. She was the most interesting lady. Corky, vibrant and spirited. She was so open and willing to tell me all that was on her mind. I loved it. She made it possible for me to open and vocal myself. She read my palm and told me that I have a long beautiful life ahead of me. Our conversation left me thinking about how beautiful people are. Speaking to her made me realize how nice it its to see connections, love, mindfulness, raw data without judgements or bias. No additives, just information… like the internet. Just facts, knowledge, universe…




A smile is a universal language. It opens doors that were not there in the first place…more like a welcome mat. Saying…”hey, I’m home and open to give out candy.” Once we decide to open, we meet the most amazing people. Humanity needs that back. More welcome mats. With more connection we would all be able to work better. More effectively, more connection means more understanding. More love and openness to situations because disconnection is just the fear of the unknown. Be courageous and turn your light on. Put that welcome mat out. Don’t just live through your social networks, branch out. Technology has done something to the planet. Made us lack communication skills, kept people trapped and controlled by the media. Go out, make your own connections. Create real life, don’t just watch it.

Brandi Wright-Townsend