Wellness Wednesday: Ways to impact the world

​“How are you impacting the world?”

To impact means to make a change. What’s your impact? Is it for a greater good? Who’s life are you changing? Impact brings fulfillment. This change brings you a joy like no other. What you do will also affect you. Why not make a impact that will better you and the world as a whole? Join in.

Ways to impact the world:

  1. Reduce energy usage and slow down the fires of industrialism
    • Using energy that isn’t needed is wasteful
  2. Protect and restore the environment so that it’s climate-stabalizing mechanisms are perserved. 
    • We have one earth that we need to live. Keep it liveable.
  3. Increase individual participation in governmental and economic decisions.
    • We control the government in numbers. Let’s ban together.
  4. Facilitate a deep personal commitment to caring for the earth.
    • Caring for the earth is caring for yourself.

“A life that impacts, is a life lived”

For more helpful tips subscribe. Sending peace, love and light to you on your day.


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