Transformation Tuesday: 8 ways to heal the world

“How have you healed the the world today?”

As we realize that we are all one, we see that we all need healing. It’s time to create a beautiful world where we can all heal, live and think. It’s going to take all of us to work together.

15 ways to heal the world

  1. Redefine​ prosperity
    • Prosperity comes in all forms not just as money. Prosperity can come in a random gift. A close call or even finding a new friend. We can be prosperous in quality time, talents, relationships, creativity, freedom, health and emotional well-being. Prosperity is what we already have; see these things and have gratitude.
  2. Nurture the child within
    • As a past kindergarten teacher, I would love to see the children play. They would play with everyone and enjoy life as if they had no worries. If they had a problem or confrontation, it would be momentarily. They had so much joy and love in their heart. So carefree. Find your inner child and keep it near.
  3. Make friends with your shadow self
    • According to Carl Jung everyone has a shadow self-the unconscious part within all of us that is made up of base drives and undesirable qualities which we are unwilling to accept at a conscious level. The only way to know and become our true self is to recognize, acknowledge and embrace our shadow side. Embrace your darkness so you can find the light.
  4. Find acceptance in the here and now
    • Some people live their lives in the pursuit of goals and ambitions which may create anxiety and fear. Accept that you are who you are. You are where you are and appreciate the moment. See your blessings. Stop and enjoy the now. Adore the freedom, laugh, run, love and play. Acceptance is love.
  5. Free the physical body
    • Free the mind and body alike. Walk, run, dance and play as if you only have your life to live. Find live for the human​ form.
  6. Spend precious moments with precious others
    • We all crave human attention. We are not meant to be alone. Go out and find people of like minds and interact.
  7. Forgive an old hurt
    • We have all been hurt by a person’s words or actions which cause resentment but we can instead think of forgiveness and this will bring release. Neither can change the past but forgiveness can change the future. In choicing freeness we choice to grow and build positive situations.
  8. Discover beauty on the doorstep
    • Be mindful and notice the beauties of the world around you.

“Heal the world, heal yourself”

For more helpful tips subscribe. Sending peace, love and light to you on your day.


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