Motivation Monday: 10 ways to heal the earth

“What have you done today to heal the world?”

The world is one, if we help he ourselves we can heal others. Healing the earth is important because we all live here. We can’t go anywhere else. It’s what we are made of. We are organic beings living on a organic star. It’s one of our missions to take care of self and others. Let’s a join in.

10 ways to heal the world:

  1. Withhold judgement
    • Judgement means that the other person is wrong. We all have a choice to make. We do things for many reasons that we feel are the best for ourselves and others. Be like a video camera and observe. Let things and people be.
  2. Practice compassion
    • Experience everything with a open heart. See that everyone has a part that may have made them this way. Love the person they were before they accumulated baggage. The heart is open to all people.
  3. Be present
    • Be in the moment, enjoy every moment, you are here. Enjoy it.
  4. Make eye contact
    • The eyes are the windows to the soul. See people for who they truly are. Look them in the eye and meet their gaze with a loving one. Soften your eyes. Let the mask down and allow others to let theirs down as well.
  5. Practice random acts of kindness
    • Give the thing you want to receive. Do things for others that will make them smile. Create great karma. Watch how it will also make you feel really good.
  6. Offer hope
    • When someone comes to you with negative news lift them up. Give someone kind words. Everyone complains so much. Do the opposite and send praise, hope and positive energy to all the people you meet.
  7. Gift others with healing touch
    • In Western society, the distance between people is 3 ft. That’s a long way to receive or give touch. We need physical connection with others. It’s what scientifically determines if we live or die. There is a study that determined at birth, children who were hugged by their parents lived better, more efficient lives. Those that didn’t get that touch, had a shorter life span and less developed social skills. When was the last time you gave or received a hug?
  8. Entrain others
    • Regardless of the chaos around us. We are meant to be still. Take the time to find inner peace and when you find it, give it to others. Have others join you. Invite people to join in your meditating or yoga sessions. Quite your voice, slow down and allow others to see. Let them mimic and heal.
  9. Listen generously
    • Once you stop judging, stop trying to comment, we can listen. Actively listening allows others to truly trust you, be comfortable, feel important and acknowledged. 
  10. Awaken your consciousness
    • Once ego is let go you are awakened to soul. Love, kindness, giving and appreciation are important to give to yourself and others. When your vibration is raised so is the planer’s vibration. Be committed to your spiritual growth and listen to your inner voice. It will change your life and the people around you.

“Heal the world, it’s the only one we have”

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