Motivation Monday: How to get rid of Illness

“What’s your dis-ease?”

For people suffering from physical illness or mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety, interacting with nature can help people control their symptoms or even recover, alongside medication. We are from the earth so don’t you think the best thing for us is to allow it to heal us. 

Affects of nature on our bodies:

  • Stress relief
    • Being in or looking at nature is associated with lower stress and higher job satisfaction.
  • Improves short term memory loss
    • Taking a walk in nature boosts working memory.
  • Reduced inflammation
    • Nature keeps you calm so your body can be peaceful. It removes your fight or flight instinct.
  • Better vision
    • Lowers developing nersightedness in children. “Opthalmology, 2008, 2012, 2013”
  • Improved concentration
    • Nature is restorative. Once you take a break and come back to working, your flow is improved. It also helps children with ADHD. “Environment and behavior, 1991; Journal of Environmental Psychology, 1995(2); Journal of Attention disorders, 2008”
  • Sharper thinking and creativity
    • When in nature for four days it boosts your performance. “Psychological Science, 2008”
  • Possible anti-cancer effects
    • The boosted levels of proteins may last up to seven days after a relaxing trip into the woods. “International Journal of immunopathology and Pharmacology 2007, 2008”
  • Immune system boost
    • Fresh air, less distractions. “Environmental health and preventive medicine, 2010”
  • Improved mental health
    • The presence of water, air, and plants have shown effects on people who are depressed, anxious and with mood swings. “Environmental science and technology, 2010; Evidence-listen complementary and associative medicine, 2012; Journal of effective disorders, 2013”
  • Reduced risk of early death
    • Once air, water, less distractions, plants and space are introduced the body is at ease. It can perform it’s natural functions. When s person can function properly, the body can last longer. Less chaos, more health. “Journal of epidemiology and community health, 2006, 2009; Biomedical and Environmental sciences, 2012; Environmental health perspectives, 2016”

“Nature cures”

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