Talk-About-It Thursday: Key quotes to encourage you to find your mission

“What’s your mission in life?”

Your personal mission statement should be based in what matters most to you, what you want to do with your life. 

Consider the following quotes from well respected life coaches.

  • What is your life purpose? Life purpose is the reason we are on this planet. It is the thing we are meant to accomplish, the gift we are meant to bring. – Co-sign Coaching, page 241
  • “Some parts of our mission here in earth are shared by all human beings, eg we are sent here to bring more gratitude, more kindness, more forgiveness, and more love, into the world. We share this mission because the task is too large to be accomplished by just one individual. -Excerpt from “How to find your mission in life”
  • “We need to also unlearn the idea that our unique mission must consist of some achievement which all the world will see…neigher we nor those who watch our life will always know what we have achieved.”- Richard N. Bolles, author of “What color is your parachute”

“Do what you love”

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