Soul-try Saturday: How you stay motivated when doing what you love

“What’s keeping you going?”

After finding or purpose we still need to be motivated. We have to dig deep, keep in mind why you are doing this mission. Keep in mind why you started and what outcomes will come out of your efforts. Visualize the big picture and what fulfillment you will receive.

When our drive has dwindled and now we’re stuck. These exercises, each designed around a specific Deflated Door feeling, help relocate missing motivation. Try the one that matches your main emotion.

Feeling discouraged:

  • When we try really hard, we can miss a clue or two about the best approach. Let’s step back and see how to adjust our efforts.
    • Ask yourself and jot down
      • What five words charaterize the people involved?
      • What does the group value most?
      • What are the goals of the group?
    • What’s out of sync?
      • Based on your answers, in what ways might your approach rub the wrong way?- List 3 things.
    • Pick one of your out-of-office sync items and find a small way to lessen the burn.

Feeling defensive: Image possiblity

  • We’re so intent on keeping the bad things at bay that we can’t make room for any good stuff. Time to start dreaming about what if, and how it can come true.
    • What if I looked for a new way of doing it?
    • What if I let someone help?
    • What if I expected the best?
    • What if I expected something different?

Feeling detached: Empathize with the “enemy.”

  • Weve distanced ourselves, and now it feels like we’re on opposite sides. “It’s a belief issue”. “When one person actively does not believe in how and what the team is doing, it’s quite toxic.” And that goes for personal relationships, too. Here’s the antidote.
    • When you’re feeling wronged or misunderstood, tell the story of what happened from the oher person’s perspective. Think about who they are, their past experience, what they know about you, what your behavior looks like to them. This exercise in emapthy should reveal ways you can better collaborate. 

Feeling deluged: Get off the wheel 

  • Whether we saw it coming or not, were chasing a growing list of responsibilities. Here’s how to get a sense of control. 
    • First reconsider:
      • What is my expectation?
      • What do I keep telling myself that keeps me overwhelmed?
      • What would be realistic?
      • What can I get rid of or put off?
      • What’s missing?
    • Then, readjust
      • Let people know the situation. They may help out to sympathize.
      • Take time out to organize. Categorize tasks, break them down, create a game plan.
      • Do one thing at a time.
      • Focus on what you’re doing, not what isn’t done. Track your accomplishments and let others know.

“Keep going, this is your true calling”

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