Wellness Wednesday: 7 signs you’ve found your calling

“What’s your calling?”
Have you ever felt sluggish, unfulfilled? Do you feel like you could be doing something better? Something more important? When you aren’t accomplishing a specific goal you can feel this way. We all have a purpose. To delay means death. Death of dreams, and death of life. Why waste a life you have available? Do what you’ve been called to do.
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7 Signs You’ve Found Your Calling
  1. It’s familiar: A calling comes just by looking forward to what you will do but also by looking back at what you have done.
  2. It’s something other people see in you: Sometimes, our missions are most obvious to those who know us best.
  3. Its challenging: It must be difficult enough that not everyone can do it.
  4. It requires faith: It cannot be something so obvious that you can easily explain it. It’s must be mysterious.
  5. It takes time: You have to fail your way into the right direction before you find it.
  6. It’s more than just one thing: It integrates well with the rest of your life, not completely with it but complementary to your top priorities.
  7. It’s bigger than you: The task must be so large that without a team of people, you cant complete it on your own.
“Let go or be dragged”
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