Transformation Tuesday: How to know if you are living your purpose

“Have you communicated with yourself lately?”

We are equipped with a purpose. Some people know, others are still searching. The best way to figure it out is to consult yourself. Have you ever mentally asked yourself a question and you get a thought at that time or moments later when you aren’t thinking of it? Try this exercise to help you find your purpose.


Exercise 1: Consult yourself
  1. Grab a pen and paper when you are by yourself
  2. Ask yourself: “What is my purpose?”
  3. Write down all the thoughts that pop up in your mind. Even the thoughts that seem miscellaneous. Don’t over think, don’t filter. Let go of what your parents or the world told you to do.
  4. Keep asking until you get a feeling of pure joy or tears. Writw down all the things that your afraid to do. Regardless of it’s a push or pull write it down. Go deep. You can also do this in different sittings until you feel it. The final answer will connect you with your soul. The idea will be an overwhelming purpose that no money or thing can stop you from doing. There is no right or wrong answer.
Exercise 2: Refine your statement
  1. Once you’ve found your answer make it a mission statement. 2-3 lines describing what you are called to do.
  2. Make it a action sentence. Something like, ” To live to my highest potential and be the best I can be”. Something that makes you jump to do it.
  3. All words should connect with you and your mission.
  4. Your purpose is an ongoing statement. Write it as if you are doing it forever. Like a journey without a destination.
“When your called, answer”
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