Soul-try Saturday: Actionable ways to find summer inner peace

“What are your summer plans?”

In a word – ‘PARTY!’ And our host is the sun whose presence is fierce and utterly forthright on the scene. Days are longer and the rays of the sun dissolve all shadows in our lives. No hiding, no secrets, no darkness. Summer is a time of light, joviality, expression and wholehearted action. To be sure, this season is symbolic of the vitality inherent within every heart.

12 Essential self-awareness exersices to help you enjoy life

1. The 3 Why’s

· Question your motives. Find 3 reasons for a decision

2. Break visceral reactions

· Stop & breathe. Weigh the evidence before acting

3. Expand your emotion vocabulary

· Get better at articulating how you feel

4. Practice saying “no” to yourself

· Refuse 5 temptations each day

5. Play “Devils Advocate”

· Argue against yourself. Think differently

6. Be accountable for your flaws

· Acknowledge your mistakes in order to improve

7. Monitor your self talk

· Stop negative and critcal self-commentary. Celebrate wins, forget loses.

8. Ask for constructive feedback regularly

· From mentors and peopl you respect

9. Improve your body language awareness

· Change your posture and use hand gestures

10. Know your personality type

· Know your skills and talents. Maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

11. Practice self-evaulation and reflection

· Keep a journal and track your progress

12. Meditation

· Start with 10 minutes a day. Focus your breathing. 

“Through growth and self awareness find peace”

For more helpful tips subscribe. Sending peace and love to you on your day. 


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