Transformation Tuesday: Feeling disconnected, here’s how to to fix it.

“How do you stay connected to self?”
Daily self care is important. We all go through life working and moving. Downtime and recharge is necessary to keep going.
Sunday: Make room for the week ahead.
  • Ask yourself, can I let go of left over anger for today and choose to feel peace instead?
  • Throw out or delete something you don’t need.
  • Declutter one spot at your home.
  • Take a long relaxing bath before bed.
Monday: Breaking from a busy day
  • Ask yourself, does my life reflect what my heart desires?
  • Listen to atmosphere music like the rain or waves on a beach.
  • Do what you need to and nothing else, just do nothing.
Tuesday: Nourishing your needs
  • Ask yourself, could I use more self esteem, pleasure, trust, compassion, boldness, love? What would that look like in your life?
  • List what you love about today and yourself.
  • Make a meal with healthy ingredients (organic)
Wednesday: Embracing hump day and confidence
  • Ask yourself, can I allow myself to enjoy my sensual side and fantasies?
  • Look at your body in the mirror and notice how beautiful/sexy you are! Imagine your fantasy crush telling you how sexy you are!
  • Massage your body with oils or lotion slowly and sensually enjoy each part.
Thursday: Getting honest with yourself
  • Ask yourself, do I treat myself and others kindly?
  • If you’re had arguments, put yourself in their shoes today.
  • Sit quietly for 3 minutes, repeat the word CLARITY, and after, give yourself a nice long hug!
Friday: Letting loose
  • Ask yourself, what really matters and what doesn’t?
  • Release pent up frustration: Scream when you’re alone, yell into a pillow or beat one up until anger fades. Or have a good cry!
  • Dance and sing even if your by yourself!
Saturday: Deserving fun
  • Ask yourself, what good do you deserve?
  • Give yourself something you’ve been denied like time to sleep, an adventure, a facial, a new outfit, sweet thoughts about yourself.
  • Remember to approve of yourself with a hug.
  • Do something you enjoy today!
“Love yourself like you want others to love you.”
For more useful tips subscribe. Sending peace and love to you on your day.

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