Soul-try Saturday: Relationships are Lessons

Today’s message: “Fill your cup with love and peace, if you want to give love and peace.”

“Your purpose on earth can be known and decided by you and you alone.”

Story Time: When I got older I moved around a lot. Not from State to State but through people (Technically I did move once from California to Houston, then to Austin, then back to California). I always blamed others. I saw that I did do somethings that created a distance but mainly it was me. I was running from my lessons. Which meant I was running from my blessings. I repeated relationship after relationship. Whether it be a friendship or a sexual relationship. I took the time to look back and see the lessons that I was being taught. It was the same lesson. Love. To find love for others, which allowed me to love myself.

We meet the person we are at the time. If we run, we are running from ourselves. If we reject another, we reject ourself. If we hate another, we hate ourselves. I had build these walls that made me build walls within myself. I had a lot of dis-ease within myself from grief, regret, blame, hurt and pain. Once I forgave, loved, appreciated, and accepted myself I could do it for others. Once I saw that we are all each other, just in a different vessel I was able to heal. We are all on a constant journey to live, love and grow. We may or may not know someone forever. It could be a moment or a lifetime. It depends on if you are meant to grow with this person or grow apart to learn another lesson with another. For whatever reason we are all set up to learn what we need to learn before we leave this earth. Just know that it is meant to be, everything happens for a reason. Find peace in knowing that you are not alone, and every person you meet is a blessing. Whether it be upfront or in disguise. See meeting and leaving another person as a meeting of yourself and a letting go that allows you to grow. You are constantly changing like the seasons. Just as the trees say good bye to their leaves and limbs that break from the weight, say good bye to the friends and lovers you lose for there are other leaves to be grown. There are other roots to be planted and other branches to be grown. Be thankful for all you’ve received and watch for better come. Whatever is given is replaced.

Brandi Wright

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