Talk-About-It Thursday: What the bleep do we know? (Movie)

Today’s Message: “You don’t know what you don’t know”

StoryTime: I was introduced to this movie by divine intervention. I was listening to Kevin Trudeau’s audio “your wish is your command” and he mentioned that this is a great movie to see. That it would open your eyes to the possibilities. I always listen to people who I trust and since I’ve started listening to Kevin, my life has changed incredibly for the better. So I watch this movie and it blows my mind.

The movie is about a photographer who has a life changing experience and along the way finds out that she is capable of more things than she knows. We are all controlled by our thoughts, that mixed with physics and the way that we process our current realities determines our daily outcomes. We all have a choice of how things will go. Once you set a plan, believe and stick to it, the universe will line things up for you. It’s a must see, with a great storyline and expert opinions. Science and nature are finally starting to co-exist. I’m looking forward to seeing what else we figure out as the years go by.


Brandi Wright

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