Wellness Wednesday: Who do you listen to?

Today’s Message: “Don’t be fooled, be careful who you listen to”

StoryTime: When I was a child I was fed all the things that I was told to because my parents said that they were “good for me”. I went to the doctor every time I got sick and made sure to make it to every appointment that was scheduled on time. Regardless of all my efforts I was a chubby child who was always obese. The doctor always said it had to do with my height, or this reason, or that reason. I took it into my own hands and decided to get a personal trainer when I got to High School. I lost all my weight and followed a strict diet. When I went to college I did gained the “freshman 30”. For those who don’t know, it’s when you gain an additional 30 pounds. I didn’t know how I gained it, I was still eating the same. I decided after college to again take things into my own hands. I worked out and ate a strict diet. I even became vegetarian, then vegan, then alkaline. I lost all my weight but got sick because of imbalances. I decided to heal my mind before I healed my body. I started meditating, doing yoga and balancing my meals. After all the different things I did I realized that once my mind was healed, my body would follow.

The way we see ourselves determines a lot about how our body works. If we see ourselves as fat, we will be fat. If we see ourselves as healthy, we will be healthy. Of course there are exceptions for those who have a chronic disease* but it all depends on our body image. As a child I allowed the doctor to label me until I decided to fix it. In college I allowed the freshman 30 to label me until I fixed it. Also now that I am an adult I make my own decision on how I want to see myself. Labels will stick to you if you allow them to. You have to start from the inside out. Love yourself from the inside and watch how your outside follows. Your mind is the driver of your body, be careful who you listen to. Make sure they have your best interest at heart. Who is the best person to listen to, who knows more about you then you do…you.

Brandi Wright

*For the individuals with a Chronic or “incurable disease”, there is always hope. I will talk further in a future post.

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