Today’s message: “Connections are key to life”

“Love people, not things”

Story Time: As I was sitting in the book store I saw a group of people talking and connecting. They were a poetry group that meets up every Thursday. They are a group of older woman and men. I over heard that they have met up every Thursday for 25 years. Amazing. Such a dedication to together-ness. Seeing these people in the book store got me thinking how I want to attract that connection. A connection between people that lasts my whole lifetime. People who I can share my passion with and also share my reality with. Current events and things of meaning. Things that are important to me and ourselves as a whole. How I’d like to connect with people of like-minds and create a mastermind. They had a tribe, a meet up, hangout. They go to functions, go to dinner, integrate within each others lives but still have their own individual life. I love it. It was so enjoyable to watch. It’s so beautiful to see a connection so strong and for so long. I envisioned myself old, talking and conversing with my fellow versions. Sparked by past and current passions.

Then the thought of the bees showing up popped into my mind. I am manifesting this person or persons. I envisioned them to be older, wiser, no face though. I thought about how excited I was to meet this person or persons. Then as I thought this, one of the ladies walked up to me and we start talking. She was the most interesting lady. Corky, vibrant and spirited. She was so open and willing to tell me all that was on her mind. I loved it. She made it possible for me to open and vocal myself. She read my palm and told me that I have a long beautiful life ahead of me. Our conversation left me thinking about how beautiful people are. Speaking to her made me realize how nice it its to see connections, love, mindfulness, raw data without judgements or bias. No additives, just information… like the internet. Just facts, knowledge, universe…




A smile is a universal language. It opens doors that were not there in the first place…more like a welcome mat. Saying…”hey, I’m home and open to give out candy.” Once we decide to open, we meet the most amazing people. Humanity needs that back. More welcome mats. With more connection we would all be able to work better. More effectively, more connection means more understanding. More love and openness to situations because disconnection is just the fear of the unknown. Be courageous and turn your light on. Put that welcome mat out. Don’t just live through your social networks, branch out. Technology has done something to the planet. Made us lack communication skills, kept people trapped and controlled by the media. Go out, make your own connections. Create real life, don’t just watch it.

Brandi Wright-Townsend

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