Waking Life: The Movie

Today’s message: “Find light in all things.”

Story Time: There was a time when I felt that my life was a dream and all I needed to do was wake up. What if I woke up and all things were different? Maybe this life looked like it does now or maybe it is in a cartoon form or a pastel form? I have had dreams that I thought I was awake but realized later that I was dreaming. I use to want to run to this dream-like reality especially when things were too hard to handle in this world. Then one day I realized that we have control over this reality just as much as we do our dream reality. We create the lives we want to live. We have a choice in all things we do. We can wake up and choice to have a good day or a bad day. From that day on, I choose to get up everyday feeling like “today is going to be a good day.”

There are many times that we all think that our reality is tested. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves just to make sure that we aren’t dreaming. “Waking Life” is a movie that tests your reality. It makes you think about “What if this world isn’t as it seems?” “What if  this world is not real?” It blew my mind at first. It has a lot of quotes that send your mind into a vortex of “what if?” questions. It pushes you to the limit of your sanity then takes you back down to earth but still leaves you wondering. It was the “Inception” before there was a “Inception”. It take you down to the basement level of your mind. Its asks you “What is life?” Its a movie that takes you on a psychedelic trip without the drugs. I sat in aw as the main character goes through multiple scenes wondering if he is sleep or not and encountering multiple individuals who teach him something new. Further taking you and him down the rabbit hole of life. Not to mention, the various, vibrant visual you experience throughout his journey. This movie is definitely for someone who wants to open their mind. Once you go down, its hard to get back up without a mental change. This stimulates all of your senses (Especially the 6th sense). I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to expand. I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the movie…pEpNpcF

Tap in. Enjoy.

Brandi Wright-Townsend

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