Wellness Wednesday

Today’s message: “Eat well, get much-needed sleep and go outside. Nature heals the worlds anxiety.”

Story Time: This weekend I took some time to go out into nature. I needed to get away. My body was speaking to me. It said, “your eyes are getting heavy. Your head is tight as gravity is pushing both your temples in. Your heart is heavy and stomach feels full but empty on the sides. No love in your handles. Your legs are static and energetic as if they want to move but go limp with exhaustion. Your back is slopped from constantly keeping it from the grounds gravitational pull. Your so grounded, your caving in under the pressure. Its time to rest. Your weary. Posting daily has drained you. Your body is waiting on charging. Calling all the stars that are in your gravitational alignment keeps you up at night. So much energy spent but its time to receive some back. You’ve been paid in knowledge but its time to get paid in peace.” Its my best currency.

As the words flowed so went that reality, no need to get a rain check, I was happy to receive it. I am also happy to see I finally am able to pay. As a consumer I get the choice to consume and I choice knowledge. Knowledge of self. So I grabbed some rest and my body said, “It’s nice to meet me. Carefree me. Tranquil me. I’ve missed you. You look well rested from your travels. Take a seat and rest your mind and feet. Stay awhile. Shine your light on others. They can truly benefit from your light. You’ve been gone so long, I barely recognize you. I’m happy that you are back though. I see us making magic together. I have been lost in the abyss they call Society. Mainstream propaganda had me trapped. I’m happy to remove the 3D glasses and meet you in the 5th Dimension. Ascension…Game time, First quarter…New rules…Home court advantage…Lets get ready to rumble…I have a safety net and velcro gloves…Clear skies and zero chance of rain.”

Rest is needed to replenish the mind, body and the spirit. Your body is your connection to this reality. Also only eat things closest to the earth as possible. It’s the closest thing to what you are made of. Eat natural, be natural, anything else will turn you into something unnatural. You are not a bee, so why eat honey. You are not a cow, so why drink milk. Fast. Food grounds you to the earth and fasting lifts you up, releases you. Cleanse your body of the toxins and start fresh. Find a way to be strong around others who are still eating produced things. Distract yourself. Be prosperous, abundant and contribute your time to helping others. Do things of purpose. Plant seeds. Be the thing you want to become. Impact, impact, impact. Plant, plant, plant.

Retreat into nature, express yourself, find yourself and bring it back to show others. If you went off and let that job and car go for a weekend or two. Lived off the land or close to it your body would appreciate it. It becomes instinctual. When your body is tired, your ego is in control. You do things that you wouldn’t normally do or say. Ego comes and spirit leaves. Once you notice that start to happen. Go get rest, ease your mind. Take a vacation, even if it is short. Replenish your soul in another environment. See through your own ego trap.

Brandi Wright-Townsend

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