Touch The Sky

Today’s messages: “You become fearful of life but once you realize your potential and limitless power you become fearless.”

“Whatever you give comes back to you ten-fold so give and see all the many opportunities come your way.”

“Test me and I will pass overtime because I know love is the answer to all life’s questions.”

Story Time: A woman in the store gave me money to complete my grocery purchase. It was generous of her to give when she did not know me. It warmed my heart to see that there is still kindness and generosity in the world. A month prior I left my card in my car. When I walked outside a man stopped me to use my phone. People kept passing him by because he didn’t look “normal”. Seeing that we are all stars living out our lives the best way that we can, I stopped because there have been times when I was in need and I would want someone to show me the same generosity. As I was helping him, a man tapped me on my shoulder and told me that he paid for my groceries. I was speechless. Just as he presented himself, he was gone in flash. Quite angelic. Then just yesterday, an older gentleman, in his late 50’s offered to buy my groceries.

See people in a new light. See everyone as a close family, just reintroducing ourselves on a daily basis. Go higher and higher. Gravitate closer and closer to the people who care and are more like you. The universe has given me all the things plus more and so shall it with you. Be appreciative and excited about all the things you receive and you will receive more. Also be authentic. You will feel free and be free to be great. Free to express yourself creatively. You will get people who come to you and congratulate you for your bravery to be yourself. In a world of people who are trying to be the same, the best gift is to be unique. Be wonderfully open, vulnerable. It will help you lose the wrong people and gain the right ones. It feels amazing to take so many leaps and be caught every time. Be thankful. Set intentions. Take risks and follow your instincts.









When your intentions are pure, all will unfold accordingly. When they are pure you receive love. Send out the same vibes you want to receive back. Appreciate every little thing, even the bad. The bad will lead you to a lesson that brings you good. Feel free. Find true joy. Like the wild, the sun, the moon, the earth, the rain, music, books, knowledge, love, communication, giving, water… The things truly worth fighting, caring, fusing, getting hype about. Learn to be fearless. Step out of your comfort zone. Be outside, talk to that stranger, take that new job. Being in society can make you lazy, then dependent, then fearful. Like an animal in captivity, once you’ve been controlled for so long, you forget what freedom feels like. You feel like freedom is chaos, bewilderment but that is just the fear of the unknown.









Stay instinctual. Always present so you can use your senses as guides Always ready to receive a message or call that will bring you closer to your goal. As a star, we all receive a message from the universe. Time to wake up and see the world for what it is. Money is a form of control. Lust is a form of control. Drugs are a form of control. Jim Carry quotes “Much of the problem of the modern dilemma is that direct experience has been disconnected and in its place all kinds of belief systems have been erected. Reclaim experience and trust yourself. Your perceptions are primary. Your feelings are correct. Everything must constellate out and make sense and purse with what you know. If you don’t start from that assumption then you are off center to begin with. Dissolve the cultural programming that has potentially made you a mark and restore your authenticity.” Release it all into the universe and feel weightless, like a feather. Free to float on the clouds of infinite possibilities. Nothing can stop you, let the wind take you. Be free to travel and enjoy the sky.

Brandi Wright-Townsend

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