Think and Recieve

Todays Message: “Show people the way one step at a time. Listen and you will get all the messages and answers. Help others but make sure you do right by yourself.”

Story Time: My weekend was a mixture of yes’, yes’ and more yes’. I set my intentions and believed that all would come to me and everything I asked for arrived fast and one time. The synchronicity of a mechanic finding me and me finding him was amazing. Something told me to stop and wait in the parking lot of the grocery store. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to buy my food or make something at home. A man stops me and tells me that he is a mechanic and that  he wants to fix my car for me. He offers me a price and it was something I didn’t have at the time, then he asks what do I have to give. I say a price and he shakes my hand and tells me that he will do it. He proceeds to follow me to a location. I go in to get some work done and within an hour I come out and my car is fixed brand new. He had all the resources in the back of his car. Amazing! I send him on his way with a handsome tip and I drive off with a safe, new ride.

We are all interconnected, one universal entity having a human experience. It’s beautiful to know and see everything unfold. When you think it clearly in your mind, slowly and in your mind’s voice; it happens. Maybe not immediately but it will happen when the time aligns up to the event. Be excited and watch things happen. See everything you desire as a big, exciting adventure, trucking through the jungle we call the world. Tell yourself, “Thank you so much, I’m excited to see all things go in my favor.” “I’m excited for…” Thinking and saying gives you so much ease.

Brandi Wright-Townsend

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