Starting Anew…

As I sit in the nearest Barnes and Nobles reading my journal contemplating on which passage to start with to showcase all the knowledge I have to offer to my readers I can’t decide so let me start by saying Hello. Nice to meet you all. *Waves* I know this isn’t a average post. Unlike all the others it is writing in first person and in a story format. I want to try something a little different. Many times when you are trying to run a business you put on a persona that matches the other competitors. Let me do this…they are doing that…Hmm…let me try this…How about for once we just be ourselves and cut out the BS. Be completely authentic. Show people who you are so you and your client won’t have any false misconceptions about what you do, how you do it. Not everyone can handle you and the things that come along with knowing and working with you but if they can’t, that means thats not the right fit for either of you. Im searching for a interconnectivity with my clients that helps us both grow. Teachers are constant students themselves, that’s how they can help others. And why do it, if you can’t help yourself and others? The purpose of this life on earth is to grow, live, laugh and enjoy the experience. If you are searching for something new, constant growth, laughs and transcendence then you’ve come to right place. Enjoy!

Brandi  Wright-Townsend

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