Benefits of Cleansing/Fasting

The body can heal itself when it has the correct conditions. One of the oldest ways of detoxing and healing the body would be to fast or cleanse. It is the one of the hardest because of the willpower you need to get through it but it can be very beneficial after you have succeeded.

There are various ways to fast. You can cut out various types of food or a certain food at one time. An example would be to exclude all fast food for a period of time. There is also the option of drinking only water for a period of time. This option, which I have tired before, is one of the most difficult because your body is use to solid foods. The best way to experience this fast would be to start off eating soups, then juices and then transition to only water. Your body has to slowly get use to the change. Even though it was one of the most difficult, this fast was one of the best. My body was restarted naturally because all of the toxins were released from my body faster. My mind was also opened. I felt more aware, more intuitive and I was able to control my cravings and realize that I didn’t need to eat as much as I realized. Also there is a juice-only fast. I have also tired this fast and it was a very good experience compared to the water-only cleanse. I had 3 juices a day, still received nutrients and felt like I was still eating. I would suggest taking baby steps when it comes to cleanses. You can go at your own pace. Your body will let you know if you can handle a easy or extreme cleanse.

A fast can do for days, weeks or even months. There are people who fast for 10 days, 20 days, 30 days or even 90 days. Dr. Sebi, a doctor from Honduras fasted for 57 days and cured all his ailments. You can choice to fast only at specific times or stop eating for the entire fasting period. For the first cleanse I suggest a “intermittent fast”. It is one of the most popular and known cleanses. It is used in many religious practices to cleanse the mind, body and spirit. It involves not eating for 14-16 hours each day. You consume 80 ounces of lukewarm water each day. I suggest getting a water filter so you can save on time and money going to the store to replenish. During the hours that you do eat, eat only the things that make you feel good. NO JUNK FOOD. I suggest eating fruits and veggies, gluten free, whole grains (if your body can handle it). After dinner, stop eating and count 14-16 hours until your next breakfast. During this time, you may have tea or water. Before you eat breakfast the next day drink a full glass of water, then eat lunch. Eat normal until your next fast.

You will experience many mind, body and spiritual changes. One of which is weight loss, reduces insulin resistance, digestion, and metabolism. It also removes stored waste and inflammation. There are a list of illnesses that benefit from fasting which include, diabetes, cancer, latent viruses, bacteria and yeast overgrowth, eating disorders and toxemia. Also your over all health will improve. My mind was clear, my body was lean and clean. My face was clear of all acne and I could breathe better. Also I gained knowledge of myself and what I am capable of doing. I was able to control all my bodily functions and realized that all things can be done with will power. We are a mind and it is capable of doing limitless things. A cleanse can reset the body, restore balance, help with focus and clear all lingering toxins and inflections. Heal thy self. Stay elevated spirits.

Brandi Townsend-Wright

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