21 Day Anxiety Challenge

In a world filled with unlimited tasks and little time, your spirit can be overwhelmed. These tasks help to relieve stress and allow your spirit time to enjoy the important moments.
Day 1: Fill in a coloring book
Keeping your mind occupied with something as simple as a coloring book will help you relax. It brings your thoughts to focus on the coloring and you leave all the outside problems out. Like in elementary, you make activities fun again. There are adult coloring books avaliable in many stores.
Day 2: Use breathing exercises
Breathing exercises are very helpful because oxygen is the body’s life force. When we breathe we allow our organs and muscles to work properly. When we stress, we tend to hold our breathe, which makes the situation worse. Your losing oxygen to your brain, which causes you not to think straight. We need oxygen to focus. Once we focus we can figure out a solution. An example of breathing exercises would be to take 5 big breathes, holding each for 5 seconds each and releasing. Another would be to put a hand on your chest and another on your stomach, focus on breathing, closed lips, enhale through your nose and repeat.
Day 3: Listen to mood-lifting music
Music is a vibration. Your mood depends on the kind of vibration you listen to. Its not just the words but the beat also affects your mood. Some examples are classical music like Boroque and Beethoven. Jazz and binaural beats are also very calming.
Day 4: Mediate
Davidji says “The value of a quiet mind is tremendous, through less commonly recognized or appreciated.” Mediation turns off all thoughts so you can get a break. Just like a computer you need to shut it off from time to time. Mediation relaxes all the senses so you can have brilliant ideas or just fall asleep easier. It helps you create mental space for good energy.
Day 5: Talk on the phone
When you are stressed it feels like you are filled with negative energy. Release it by picking up the phone and calling a friend. Speak with someone who can listen. You can also get some great advice if you are willing to accept it. Dont boil over, release the stream.
Day 6: Go for a run
Exercise releases endorphins which uplift your mood. It can give you time to think about the situation or give your mind a break by focusing on your feet. Even a short 5 minute run around the block or on the treadmill can be very beneficial.
Day 7: Say positive affirmations to yourself
Affirmations are positive words you read, hear, or write to yourself. They are like spells or intentions set for your day. They create positive thoughts and actions. Pintrest has various positive and inspiring quotes. Heres a link to my “Feel good now” board. Its full of inspirational words.
Day 8: Let it out
Anxiety is like a tea kettle on a hot stove, you have to relieve the pressure to stop the steam. Get on the phone or visit a friend to talk about what is bothering you. Release the pressure.
Day 9: Write in a journal
If there are no friends around to talk to, get a journal. Write out all the things troubling you. Writing will help you process the situation and figure out a solution.
Day 10: Do a crossword puzzle
Doing puzzles will stop your thought and keep your mind occupied on something less challenging. While doing the puzzle your brain will figure out a solution to the problem on its own or at least give you some momentary peace.
Day 11: Remove caffeine
Caffeine is addictive and makes you jittery when you consume too much or not enough through withdraw. You can take baby steps by stepping down to caffeinated teas and then stop from there. There are other ways of helping your productivity like mediation and focus exercises.
Day 12: Dance like no one is watching
Our bodies are make to move, we are not stationary objects. Dancing is a form of expression and release. It is a workout that can be fun and level of difficulty depends on the type of dance and the amount of energy used to perform it.
Day 13: Use a stress ball
Stress balls relieve tension and stimulate nerves. It also diverts your attention, enhances your mood. They also improve circulation and help individuals with ADHD.
Day 14: Take a hot bath
Taking a hot bath improve blood circulation, help us fall asleep, help us stay in shape, lower our blood pressure, help us loose weight, and clean your skin.
Day 15: Laugh
Laughter is the best medicine. You are distracted from the problem that is making you stressful with positive thoughts. Watch a funny movie or listen to funny jokes to lighten up your mood. Laughter helps you realize that things aren’t as serious as them seem.
Day 16: Work on a art project
Practicing a form or art can be very calming. You are distracted on a task that you enjoy and allowing yourself to relax.
Day 17: Try yoga
Yoga is a great exercise that relieves stress and anxiety through body movements and poses. It is a mindful workout that allows you to calm your mind and concentrate on specific body parts. Yoga helps with focus, high blood pressure, muscle problems and more. There are many different kinds of yoga that you can practice, all of which are designed to help you improve your health.
Day 18: Go on a digital detox
Technology can be too much of a distraction. It can stop the mind from figuring out the problem or make the problem worse by making you available to the things that are causing your stress. Its best to take a moments throughout the day where you choice not to look at your phone or use a electrical device. Relax your senses from electronic clutter.
Day 19: Step outside and talk a walk
When your feeling under pressure, its best to take a walk. Be one with nature, look a the sky and realize that there is more to life than that problem that is stressing you out. Watch the trees, go see the ocean, feel the breeze. Allow nature to calm you.
Day 20: Schedule your worry
When you have a problem, schedule at time of the day to figure it out. Keep your time short and focused. After that time is over, let go and don’t think about it until that scheduled time happens again. Allow yourself to enjoy your day.
Day 21: Accept your feelings
After you have figured out what is stressing your out, accept those feelings and find a solution. You can continue to deal with something or you can change it.
The trick is to keep your mind occupied while still functioning in your daily tasks. Taking these small moments to release stress can allow you to have more time to have fun. This list also can be fun if these are things that you already enjoy doing. Create good habits for life.


Sending love and light.

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