What frequency are you on?


Hello Spirits!

I hope your day is going great. Sending you all the positive vibes the universe can manage (which is a whole lot). Today’s topic is positive vibes. It is very important to stay positive. It can prevent illness, turn a complicated situation into a great situation. It can also help you manifest your wants and desires. The process of manifesting is to ask, then feel. You have to feel the feelings that you would feel if you had received the want. If you received your desire, you’d be happy right? You would feel accomplished and overjoyed right? Then be happy and remain on the frequency that you would be on to receive the universes gift. I know staying positive these days is a bit hard because of the stress of the world but there are plenty of ways to keep your vibration up. There is breathing. Take three deep breathes and hold each one for 5 seconds. Breathe in the good vibes of the universe and breathe out the negative energy. You can also try mediation, which is what I wrote about in a past article(Why is it important to meditate?). It causes you to have peace of mind. If these techniques don’t work, then there is

  1. Exercise- Yoga, stretch, run, etc…
  2. Eat and Drink- Drink tea, eat fruit
  3. Find Inner Peace- Take a nap, breathe, count
  4. Relax- Get a massage, acupuncture
  5. New Environment- Be alone, enjoy the sun, look out the window, get organized
  6. Entertainment and Creativity- Write, dance, listen to music
  7. Socialize and Fun- Laugh, talk to friend


Release the negativity, anxiety and it will help you get on a great frequency to manifest. Plus it will help you give off a great vibration to others. Your positive energy will flow to others and help others be positive too. Your vibration is contagious, stay mindful how you think and what you give off because that is what you will attract. Also just let go. It is the main thing that will allow you to stay the most positive. Let go of the worries, the stress and the negative thoughts. Think of bad things as water that flows away as fast as it came. You can also think of yourself like a transparent paper that allows things to go straight through you. When you think of negative things, act as though they don’t affect you. Don’t give them your attention because whatever you give your attention is what will continue. Allow the universe to handle things, it knows your wants and desires, just give it time. We think that everything has to happen now and if you think of Einstein’s theory of time everything is happening now. Think of everything as now so that things will seem as though they “are” happening. Stay positive and present so you can receive everything you want. I hope that I help you guys stay positive today. Have a great and prosperous day spirits, namaste!



2 thoughts on “What frequency are you on?

  1. Marc Steinbach says:

    I found this to be extremely helpful and well written; In a way that I can interject this into my own life . I’m very new to the spirituality community; and in aspects of areas I’m exploring myself I find it delightful , that this is a well traveled journey. I look forward to what’s to come.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Marc. I love to hear that you enjoyed it. That is the reason I created the blog so that beautiful spirits like you can have a place to learn, especially those of you are new to the spiritual path. I look forward to hearing from you again and seeing where this journey takes you☺️🙏🏽


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