Why is it important to meditate?

Hey Spirits!


My last article was about the law of attraction. This post is going to be about meditation. Mediation helps you figure out what you want to attract and how to get the things you attract. It is the transportation to get you to your destination. Mediation helps your mind focus. It gives you the time to calm down, relax and contemplate things. We live in a world that forces us to be things we don’t want to be, do things we don’t want to do. Mediation allows us to be us, and see us as we. We can learn our live purpose by quieting our minds. It allows the universe to show us what we should be doing, what we can do and who to do it. I discovered mediation about a year ago and it has the best thing I have ever done in my life. I have major anxiety problems and it started to affect my daily thinking. I would be moving too fast, get side tracked and make mistakes. I had my first anxiety attack in high school and then my last major one a year ago before I started mediating. I looked up some remedies and mediation popped up. I knew about it but didn’t believe that I could do it because my mind was always so jumbled. The first time I tried it, I couldn’t focus at all. I kept thinking about what I would cook for dinner or what other tasks I could be doing at that time. It was not until I became a Buddhist that I figured out I could truly focus. It was the most amazing thing; I went to another place. It seems as though my brain was a television and I had the universal remote. I could control my thoughts and shut them off. It was so peaceful. After that first experience, it got easier and easier to control my thoughts. Even when I wasn’t mediating I could switch my anxious thoughts to clam thoughts. I felt like I was finally in control of my own life. I stopped being angry for making mistakes and became a person who loves life. I am not easily angered and can stay calm in many difficult situations. This helped a lot because I am in a fast paced profession. I started off meditating for 15 mins, then 15 mins turned into 30 mins and 30 mins turned into a hour and a hour turned into 8 hours (I like to do sleep meditations, which is something I will talk about later in the article). Your probably asking me how do you meditate?



     There are so many ways to mediate. You can mediate laying down, mediate sitting up, mediate in the car, meditate in the shower, meditate with your eyes closed, meditate with the eyes open. It honestly just depends on what you are comfortable with. I can only tell you how I meditate. I started off laying down and sometimes I still do when I am going to be mediating for a long period of time. I laid down and closed my eyes; closing my eyes helped me focus and visualize better. I laid down, closed my eyes and thought of one thing, which usually is the silence of the room or the trees if I was outside. I focused on that one thing, and then I let my mind drift off. Sometimes I would think of a question and focused on it until I drifted off and eventually the answer will come to me. It was all about letting go with me. I allowed my subconscious mind to take over. I went within and allowed myself to find the answers that I needed. Doing this allowed me to get to this point. My subconscious told me my purpose in life and how to achieve it. It always good to seek over knowledge but always listen to yourself. You know what is best for you, sometimes you just don’t listen. Mediation helped me learn how to listen to myself. Sometimes I have to set alarms because I go so deep into my mind that I lose track of time. I started off mediating to music and videos stating affirmations but now I have gained the control to mediate with just me and my surroundings. Sometimes I don’t set alarms, which is for when I go to sleep. I let a 8 hour video play while I sleep so I can subconsciously gain the positive affirmations that I need so that I wake up with the thoughts fresh. I can start my day manifesting my wants. I have included some of the videos at the end of the article, they are very helpful with manifestation and the law of attraction. The videos help you focus your attention on the things you want and saying positive. The universe does the rest by feeding you the information you need to figure out how to get these things. After mediating I started to see signs of the next steps to take. Example, I wanted to help people grow and learn their purposes. Then while looking on Pinterest I saw a post about how to start a blog and boom, here we are now. Another example is I meditated about wanted to take a trip to LA to see my mom, something told me talk to my friend about it, she told me about a website to go to, I signed up for deals and in the next two days I got a email saying they had a deal to fly to LA. Lets just say that the only best step was to buy it of course! Mediation is the gateway, it opens up your mind to the possibilities of what could happen and then when they happen all you want to do it meditate more. It helps you get in-tune with the universe, which ultimately is you. You are made of the same energy that the universe is made up of. That is why it is so easy to manifest things, it is all a exchange of energy. So get out there, meditate, manifest and attract all the things you want. I hope that you have a very prosperous and positive day today. Namaste spirits!


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