Shhh…Wanna know a secret?

In 2006 a movie called “The Secret” came out and it changed the world. It is centered around something called “The Law of Attraction”. This means that whatever you give, you will receive. A example would be that if you are giving out negative thoughts, then negative things will happen to you and vise versa. The movie tells you about how you need to keep positive thoughts so that you can manifest positive things. It shows you that you can think of anything, we have no limits. It has worked for doctors, multi-millionaires and even great philosophers like Albert Einstein. It tells you how you can change the state that your living in now. If you don’t like the way you are living then the universe will help you change it. The secret and the law of attraction will help you change your health, money, love life and more. I stumbled upon it 4 years ago because a friend of mine introduced me to the quotes but I had never seen the movie. I read them but didn’t take them as seriously as I have been taking them. It has been about 6 months now since I have read the book and it has really changed my life. I went from being unemployed, not having any money and almost homeless to being employed, having unlimited amounts of money and living in a great place. I just recently watched the movie (it is on Netflix FYI) and it gave a visual to the book. It further helped me in my journey. I still have my down days when I feel like this can’t be real but then I use my emotion shifters (talked about in the movie) and I get my spirits up again. I recommend everyone watch the movie and read the book. I included a link to the pdf for you souls who don’t have Netflix to watch the movie. I hope that everyone has a prosperous and positive day today spirits. Namaste!

The Secret by Rhonda Byne

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