Is it really a coincidence?

You were late for work, then realized that if you had left at the time you were initially going to you would have been in a accident. How about you didn’t receive the job that you wanted, then find out later that a better opportunity comes up. Or you decide not to go to the party but then find out that it was shut down. These are called coincidence. They are known as remarkable concurrences of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection. In other words, things that “just so happen”. It is also known as serendipity, or fate. These things are something that will happen when you start to undergo the law of attraction. If you pay attention you will see things happening. You will see why you picked up that dime or took that path. You could need exactly ten cents in change or you found a person on the side of the road who needs help. You will start to see that everything has a reason and a purpose. It will help you see your future and help you go with flow of life. You will start to see that if things didn’t work out then it wasn’t meant for you to receive it. It will help you be at ease in the decisions that you make. You will see that even though you want something really bad, it doesn’t mean that it is for you to have. After figuring this out, it made my anxiety of the future non-exsistent. I sent my thoughts into the universe and allowed the universe make the decisions as they come. I know I will get the things I want but in due time. I realized that not every “no” meant it was a “no” to my request, just a “not right now”. Also I realized that “no” meant that it was the universe giving you time to make up in your mind “is this really what you want?”; or it was telling you, “its not what you want, make a another thought”. When you are on the right path you will know. The universe has ways of showing you that you are connected; they are called synchronicities. The word was first introducted by a man called Carl Jung. He called them “meaningful conincidences” because they happen with no causal relationship, yet they seem meaningfully related. These “meaningful coincidences” are the universes way of letting you know that it hears your thoughts and is sending you what you want. The universe also tries to connect with you through sequences. This is a special order in which related events, movements, or things follow each other. My favorite sequences are numbers, i.e. 1111, 2222, 3333… etc. They also all have a meaning to let you know what specifically the universe is trying to say.

111: Opportunity knocks; This is perfect time to manifest your thoughts. Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

222: The symbol of new beginnings, it’s the next step of your path and there is fresh air in your daily routine, let go and have faith.

333: It is the trinity, mind, body and spirit. There is truth and unity.

444: The angels are with you, you are receiving signs and synchroncities, the universe is sending you comfort and protection.

555: It signifies change, a time of preparation, and a new wave of energy.

666: When you need to bring your thoughts back into balance

777: When you need to release your fears, let go of control and find your inner strength.

888: There is a infinite flow in your life, you are manifesting abundance, and you have a balance of the spiritual and physical world.

999: This signifies completion, a sign to move on and you have reached a point of closure.

000: The universe is talking to you, it’s a sign of divine guidance and reassurance.

10:10: This is encouragement to keep the beliefs, thoughts and mindsets focused on your spirituality and divine life purpose as you are now creating your own reality.

11:11: The universe is going up, up and beyond to give you evidence of your alignment.

12:12: Something has changed for the better. Healing is on its way.


These are just a few of the numbers that people see a lot because of looking at the time but there are many more I.e. 1313, 1122, 1414, etc. These numbers are a lesson to you that all things happen in divine timing. There is no such thing as chance in our incredible universe.

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