Background Noise

“Are you listening?”

We can collectively send atoms into your sphere. Once aware your able to apply your energy into the situation. Individuals are uncomfortable with seeing the real inside of them until your energy is added to the equation as well. Seeing the other side of the situation. Being open to respecting all individuals moments. Hearing the underlining language. Listening to the silence. Internal conversations co-existing in the background. A “True Truman show” reality. For some the Truman show experience is that with peace.

“The message in the the silence.”

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Words from the wise…

“What’s your vision?”

Projecting the inside onto the outside with a positive nature. Leaving half hazards alone to their turmoil. What is thought comes to light with a force nothing to recon with in the mist of it all. All light come to this moment. One half of the thought I’d thought it was. Banish the ends of the spec to remain inside and spill the beams onto the world with a generous grin. None doth matter…for this feat is one only to bear. Live is to eat, drink and be marry. To dumb down the language of self is to bury ones heart in a box and put it 6 feet under. Reciprocating the love is the only way to live the lifestyle. Be aware of all the things around one to alert the consciousness of the opportunities of positive growth. Transmutation of all things brings rainbow vibes to all situations. “Sa-da-te.” Don’t get lost in your own sauce…keep it pushing.

P.s. Not all forms come to you at one time. Accept the one for its presence because it is the highest version. Respect growth. Branches grow when given the space.

“Think out loud.”

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“Oshun”: The group

“A Collective balance of consciousness.”

While listening to Oshun Vol 1. record the vibration of inspiration manifested. A consolidated piece of art. We reach the level of manifestation though realizing the unification of each version of the collective consciousness. State the version best available for process in the simplest form. Listen if change calls.

Sending peace, love and light to the collective consciousness.

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Keeping the Flow

“What’s your flow?”

Keep up the faith and drive by seeing the bigger picture. There is more than you. Once goal and love is found keep it flowing. The journey is finding and moving forward into the moment. Make it last.

“Keep working at what you’ve worked for.”

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Its more than “I”

“Are you apart of the spectrum?”

There is one of you yet many version of a whole. Selflessness is essential to collaboration. Grace comes faster with communication between all entities. Co-exist with your fellow hue-man to create a array of colors bigger than the primary. Respect the role of one another for growth and change.

“In a sea of many.”

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“Whats your policy?”

Doorways are mental, pysical and spiritual. The can be open or closed depending on the situation and energy. Doorways to the mind can allow mental stability or chaos. Doorways to the spirit can allow yin or yang. Doorways to the physical can allow dis-ease or wellness. Feel out the situation before allowance.

“Check the peep hole.”

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